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Inverters (solar inverter)

We offer you a wide range of Frequency Converters (inverters) from various manufacturers, which you can adjust to the size of your installation.

What does a solar inverter do?

The PV inverter is the most sophisticated part of any grid-connected PV system and unfortunately it is also the part most likely to have problems. This is not surprising considering inverters are typically placed outdoors in harsh weather conditions including rain, humidity and extreme temperatures, while generating thousands of watts of power for up to 10 hours a day. Therefore, it is important to use a high-quality inverter and mount it in a sheltered location if possible.

We have recently expanded into the European market to provide solutions to solar installers across Europe.

What size inverter do I need?

What size inverter you need depends on the size of your solar panel array.

  • Inverter size is listed in kilowatts (kW) and is the maximum amount of solar energy the inverter can handle.
    How to calculate inverter size
  • The maximum output power of the inverter must be at least 75% of the solar panel power.
    Or, expressed in another way, the capacity of the array can be up to 133% of the capacity of the inverter.

Where to install the PV inverter?

  • String, hybrid and battery inverters should be mounted on a shaded wall, usually near the main switchgear. Inverters are designed to be installed outdoors and are usually weatherproof, but dislike excessive heat; may impair their performance and lifetime.
  • If the inverter cannot be installed in a shaded area, the installer should suggest installing an awning above it. Specialty awnings are available. In some cases, you may also need a weatherproof enclosure.
  • Also consider security. String inverters can be a tempting target for a crafty thief if they are in an easily accessible location. Theft is rare, but not unknown. Installation behind a fence or enclosed fenced area is best. Some models have built-in theft protection.

Questions? Contact our team of friendly experts for free, no obligation advice on the best PV inverters for your needs.

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