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Photovoltaic modules

We are a wholesaler of photovoltaic modules (solar panels, panels and solar cells) from reputable manufacturers.

Wide selection of solar panels from renowned manufacturers

The offer of our wholesaler of photovoltaic panels includes the highest quality solar panels at competitive prices. Among the available photovoltaic modules there are panels from world-renowned manufacturers of PV parts, such as:

Ja Solar,

We have recently expanded into the European market to provide solutions to solar installers across Europe.

PV panels

What you need to know before installing.

When choosing the best size of solar panels to install a PV system, it is very important to keep several key factors in mind.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of a solar panel depends in part on:

  • its capacity (in watts),
  • physical size,
  • Brand,
    quality of materials,
  • durability / longevity (or warranty period)
  • and any certifications the solar panel may have.

The price you pay will also depend on the number of panels in the package if you are buying a full system. The more modules in the system, the lower the unit cost in general.

However, choosing solar panels solely on the basis of price is not wise. What you choose may not suit the area you want to install it in, or the make/model may not have the necessary certifications to qualify for government rebates.


This is the range where the panel will exceed or fail to meet its rated power. For example, a PV module you purchase may be rated at 200W. However, due to quality control issues, the output power under ideal conditions may actually only be 195W. A positive tolerance rating means that the module will not only generate 200W but perhaps more under standard test conditions.

Durability / Longevity / Warranty

The durability or longevity of the warranty for solar panels is important for many reasons – it can testify to the manufacturer’s trust in its products. Reputable solar panels will have a 25-year performance guarantee.

Keep in mind though that the warranty is honored as long as the company is in business. This is another reason to choose a well-known brand of modules, instead of buying an obscure, cheap brand that can disappear overnight.

Since you are unlikely to buy solar panels directly from the manufacturer, choosing an installer and retailer is also important. It is best to choose an installation company that is a service agent in the field of warranty work on photovoltaic panels for the manufacturer of your choice. This is because if you run into a problem, the resolution time will be much shorter.

Conversion efficiency

The efficiency of how a solar panel converts light into electricity will determine how much energy your system generates. If two solar panels cost the same but one has a higher conversion efficiency, then this module offers better value for money. That is, assuming that the declared yields are correct.

Size and wattage

Solar panel watt performance will have a direct impact on cost as solar panels are usually priced and compared in bucks per watt. Watts are related to the power output of each module. This means that a 100W panel installed and operating under ideal conditions will generate 100 watt-hours of electricity per hour. A 200W panel will generate 200 watt-hours per hour. So expect to pay up to twice as much for a 200W panel compared to a 100W module.

The power output of the panel also affects the size of the panel, which means that a 200W panel will be larger than a 100W module. The type of photovoltaic cells used in its production also determines the size of the photovoltaic panel. The key point to consider is whether the size of the system is sufficient to power the devices and the solar panels will physically fit in the area where you want to install them.

Your south roof area is a very valuable solar powered property, so you need to carefully consider your plans for the future. If at some stage you want to install more solar panels, you need to make sure you have space for it. Otherwise, it may be necessary to replace existing modules well before the end of their useful life.

How much money will you save using solar energy?

A photovoltaic system pays for itself in two to seven years – after that time you can start counting savings.

Repayment times vary depending on where you live.

Questions? Contact our team of friendly experts for free, no-obligation advice on the best solar panels and complete systems to suit your needs.

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