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Wiring for solar panels

We wholesale cabling for photovoltaic modules (solar panels, panels and solar cells) from reputable manufacturers.

Solar wiring requires special wires and cables that are weather, heat and UV resistant. Different types of wires/cables are used in different places in the PV array to facilitate overall system performance.

We have recently expanded into the European market to provide solutions to solar installers across Europe.

PV wiring

Solar wiring basics

Solar wiring refers to the connection of all solar panels with wires to form an electrical circuit. The wire runs to an inverter where the DC current is converted into usable AC power.

Solar wires and cables

Although the words cables and wires are often used interchangeably, they are quite different. Panel wire consists of a single conductor while panel cable is essentially a bundle of solar wires packed together inside an insulator.

Cables for panels:

The solar cable is used to connect the panels, charge controller, inverter and batteries. Solar wires are made of aluminum or copper and can be a single solid metal wire or stranded wires that consist of multiple wires twisted together.

Although solid wires are cheaper and can carry more current due to their diameter, they are also only offered in smaller cross-sections.

On the other hand, braided wires are more flexible, making them easier to guide and resistant to vibrations. However, they need a larger gauge to carry the same current as solid wire.

Solar cables:

Cables are used for heavier loads. The cables consist of smaller diameter wires wrapped in a sheath. Three types of cables are used in a solar power project:

Module cables/String cables: Used in panels to connect different PV modules. Each panel comes with its own string cables.

Panel DC cables:   The DC cable is used to connect the positive and negative nodes from the panel to the inverter. Since these cables are used outdoors, the negative and positive cables are laid separately to ensure a ground fault.

AC connection cables: These cables connect the inverter or solar energy meter to the grid. The number of cables here is determined by the number of phases that enter the house.

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